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Court House Rules & Guidelines

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Court House Rules & Guidelines Empty Court House Rules & Guidelines

Post by SUIREN on Tue Jan 01, 2013 7:34 pm

C O U R T - H O U S E - A P P L I C A T I O N - F O R M
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
This Template is NFRP Property meaning all credit goes to them. If there is any problems regarding this credited template and info please contact me, Suiren.

[b]Name:[/b] Complaint Template (All Read)
[b]Age:[/b] ----
[b]Gender:[/b] Undisclosed
[b]Type of Complaint:[/b] Misunderstanding
[b]Insident Link:[/b] Within this section you must provide with as many Links as you feel may be appropriate for the Complaint

Name: Complaint Template (All Read)
Age: ----
Gender: Undisclosed
Type of Complaint: Misunderstanding
Insident Link: Within this section you must provide with as many Links as you feel may be appropriate for the Complaint

    Within this section please describe out in detail as to what the complaint may be. Listed above there will be a section that says type of complaint. The type of complaint gives us an idea as to what could perhaps be the problem of the complaint. If perhaps there are more then one type of complaint then please state it within here. Listed below are the different types of complaints in a more of a detailed manner.

    Misunderstanding - A Misunderstanding is a situation that may have occured such as perhaps a person wishes to kill another character without permission. A character has used a stolen an A-T from the other character without permission. A character has joined a team without permission. These types of complaints are to be considered as misunderstandings.

    Metagaming - Just as it states, a Metagame is when someone acts with Out of Character Knowledge. What this means that if someone wishes to attack you because the person called you a badword from within a Debate thread, that would be considered as Metagaming. Megaming is when a person looks at the full description of an attack in order to avoid the attack. Metagaming is having knowledge of something out of character but the character you are playing as would have no knowledge about, or plausable way of figuring something out. For example [R.E.A.D] is the only acceptable form of Metagaming, but the user has to have A-TS with the card in it.

    Flame - There are three types of flames unintended (where you did not even mean to insult the other user), minor (where you insult the other user on the spur of the moment without thinking) and major (where it's clear you are calmly trying to cause maximum distress to someone else). Each flame is still a type where a person insults another either directly or indirectly towards them.

    Bait - If you feel you are being baited, then first ask them to stop (NEVER react with a flame). If they continue, then contact a member of staff. A throwaway comment or a small amount of disrespect only turns into a bait when they continue after you ask them to stop. Sometimes a bait can also be a flame; if this is the case, then report it to the mod immediately rather than giving a warning not to do it. Very obvious baits also do not need warnings. A bait is an intential type of attack where one attacks another without using direct words. Think of it as a little brother saying "You can't get mad because I am not touching you" type of thing.

    Mistreatment - Mistreatment is to be considered as a form of both of Baiting and or Flame. A mistreatment is the type of complaint where a user feels that they are being, well mistreated against as to what they are or say. This could be a number of things such as race, sex, or even religion. A mistreatment is an out of character reaction taking place within an In character reaction, creating a feel of mispleasure.

    Custom Complaint - A Custom Complaint is NOT a complaint against having a custom denied. If a Custom Complaint is every made about a custom being denied it will be locked and removed immediatly. A custom Complaint is a complaint against a custom in which a person feels that the custom may be to strong, to large, does not make sense, or anything else that deals with that notion.

    Character Complaint - Character complaint is a complaint dealing with a certain character. This means a character that may have to many techniques within without training, a character who has a type of history that should not occur. A character with a problem that can not fit within the site. This does not mean that one person can make a complaint because their character was beaten by another.

    Flooding - Defined as either posting more than five new threads in the same forum in an one hour period without staff permission, or bumping a load of dead topics which causes the previously active threads to drop off the first page.

    Harassment - If someone asks you to stop contacting them over private messenger, then you must abide by this request, or this is private harassment. Also, if someone asks you to leave a thread that they made, then you should do so. Now if the thread is considered to be as an RP thread then please state so so then we can see and hear the complaint. A harassment is a type of consideration where harsh words are brought forth through pms. Now this type of thing may occur so we ask to post the pms if neccessary. If PMs are not saved then there is no point into making a complaint.

    Trolling - Trolling means deliberately seeking to cause damage to the community. Neo-trolling is another variant of this whereby you try to cause damage without making it seem like actual trolling (ie: subtle and intelligent trolling). If you believe someone is trolling against the site please state so. Trolling range with

    1. Maliciously exploiting 'loop holes' in the rules.
    2. Seeking to constantly or massively undermine staff.
    3. Massively or constantly publicly attacking the forum or how it is run on sites both associated and unassociated with the forum.
    4. Privately plotting to cause problems on the forum.
    5. Maliciously breaking rules.
    6. No hacking, or issuing hack threats: This carries an immediate server ban.
    7. Respect the mods: If a mod closes a thread, or tells you to quit doing something, then please listen to them. While what they ask for may not make sense to you, it will make sense to everyone else who want what's best for the forum. If you are unhappy with a mod, then do not make a public protest thread, but PM an admin with the complaint and we will deal with it if necessary. You should have enough respect for mods and the time which they put in to be able to trust their judgment and the job that they do.

The solution section is quite simple. The solution section is what one may consider to be as the solution to the problem, or what they feel to be as the perfect solution. Now then if the complaint is considered towards a person, the person is allowed to post back to defend himself, but since the complaint is allowed one post, the defendent is allowed one post as well. This means that both parties must give out as much information as possible within ONE Post. This does not mean that the people are allowed to keep posting, or editing the original posts more and more to get in more words.

If a mod has the complaint, or being complained about, the mod is in no way going to be involved with the post or with the complaint when it comes to decision.

Three mods must will look at the complaint and the thread and to take everything into consideration. The Three mods will post once within the thread saying "Will take the Case." or will be given the case by force. A mod that is to be considered as a friend will not take a case of the complaint. All three mods will take the time to talk with one another either in admin section or in private to discuss about the Case. When a solution has come to play One mod will post the decision for all three.

Confidential Complaints is allowed. A Confidential complaint must be filled out the same way BUT the complaint will take place within the admin section, and names will not, I repeat will not be taken. A confidential complaint must be sent through PMs to a trusted staff member.
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