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New Members Manual

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New Members Manual Empty New Members Manual

Post by SUIREN on Tue Jan 01, 2013 7:43 pm

Alright so you're a new member right?

Want to get started don't know where to go? Perfect.

Have no fear! For I will put in the least words possible how to begin your adventure. I will add in links for each topic to assist you in going about the site.


While working on a Template. There are things you need to put in header.
[WIP] Work in Progress / [NF] Not Finished
[F] Finished / [D] Done

These help alert staff and makes approving faster.

How to make A UNIQUE Character

First you need a character. Character Template

The template is long, but it is the toughest part of the starting process because it defines how you play.

Key things about your character.
-What is your Road? 8 Roads
-What is your A-T? A-T Types
-Want to be a Gravity Child? Gravity Child Info
-Want to make a Special Road? Custom Road Template
-Want to design your a sub-regalia? Sub-Regalia Template (D Class+)
-Want to make a team or join a currently made team? Join a Team or Make a Team

Next you need to put your information in R.E.A.D [READ TEMPLATE]

You cannot fight until you have your first update approved. This is your character update information. Characters with a R.E.A.D Device get the ability to 'metagame' and know your strengths and weaknesses displayed on the R.E.A.D. profile.

Alright so you're almost to the finish line. Now you need to edit your signature and put in character info. This is simple just go to your profile and look for the signature button. Next use the code below along with the link (url) for your character page, team page (if you don't have one put in solo), A-Ts, and R.E.A.D.

This makes it easier to check on character info when Role Playing.

[url=PLACE LINK IN HERE]Bio|[/url]
[url=PLACE LINK IN HERE]Team|[/url]
[url=PLACE LINK IN HERE] A.T|[/url]

So finally after all that you're 100% ready to RP.
For now you have your wings and your character so good luck!

Training & Battle System

Stat system
-This teaches you about stats and how to get ATP

Part War Rules
-This tells you about the rules of Part Wars.

How to make a Thread

Consider a few things when making a thread.

What am I going to do?
Do you plan on training for ATP, learning a trick, doing a job, or just Role playing for plain fun and character development?

Which thread type do I want?
For every thread adding these in the title bracket is a most. If there is none in the bracket then its considered a free RP meaning its for the purpose of Role playing for fun and anyone can join.

    Training/Trick threads [TP]
    This is a thread that you learn a trick or train your character in fighting or A-T.

    A-T training thread [ATP]
    This is a thread where you just practice with your AT for points to add to stats.

    Job Thread [JOB]
    This a thread you use for gaining cash on a job or doing a mission of some sort.

    Open Thread [OPEN]
    These threads are open meaning anyone can join at anytime.

    Closed Thread [Closed]
    These threads are closed meaning activity is done and RP is over. This will go to the archives after a 7 day closed thread title is placed.

    Solo Thread [SOLO]
    These threads are opened to only the person making it.

    Team Thread [TEAM]
    These threads are only open for members of the same team.
    Note that other players may enter if they know the location via RP.

    Parts War Thread [PW]
    These threads are open for a three on three team match.
    Anyone can come watch the battle if accepted, but only the approved teams can assign do the actual war.

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