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Gokudera Rogami // HOROKEU [WIP]

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Gokudera Rogami // HOROKEU [WIP] Empty Gokudera Rogami // HOROKEU [WIP]

Post by Horokeu on Wed Jan 02, 2013 2:13 pm

Gokudera Rogami // HOROKEU [WIP] Eb47e3020a21e4b1f92d1b32943a5d88


[ NAME: ] Gokudera Rogami.
[ STREET NAME: ] Horokeu.

[ AGE: ] 16.
[ BIRTHDAY: ] 7/16.
[ GENDER: ] Male.
[ SEXUAL ORIENTATION: ] Heterosexual. Pretends to be Asexual (very unsuccessfully).
[ ETHNIC GROUP: ] Japanese.
[ BIRTHPLACE: ] America; Miami.


[ RANK: ] F-rank.
[ ROAD: Gaia Road.
[ AFFILIATION: ] Storm Rider.
[ A-T'S: ] Overload Drac - A pair of customized ATs suiting Horokeu, originating in his time as a rider long back. They take the form of two, size 44 black Army Boots on the outside, but are actually ATs would someone pay close attention to the fact they appear to hover half an inch above the ground. This is due to their style, being Ball Roller ATs. Once looked under the sole, 5 ball wheels can be seen in an arrow positioning on the front, while two on the back form a line between them.
[ TEAM: ] Solo.
[ OCCUPATION: ] Waiter // part-time; DJ; Highschool student.


[ Air Trick Points ] (ATP) - 0/50
[ ACCELERATION ] - 6 (+0)
[ FLEXIBILITY ] - 10 (+0)
[ BRAKING ] - 7 (+0)
[ CONTROL ] - 13 (+0)
[ POWER ] - 15 (+0)
[ JUMP ] - 6 (+0)


[ PERSONALITY: ] Horokeu is mostly laid back and seems to lack interest in most things concerning ATs, much unlike other riders, windstorm or storm riders. It's not like he has no motivation to skate, it's just that he doesn't find much interest in getting himself beat up for some parts and whatnot. Therefore, getting this man to participate in a battle would require a special reason outside of Parts War world. Horokeu's personality is weak, with a large strong side hidden. While he seems lazy and has low self-esteem or any confidence in what he does, once he sets his sights on a goal, whatever the reason it would be or the way it's displayed, he will work hard for it. Very hard. Horokeu works with his brain rather than with his brawn, often thinking before acting but as he is still human, the one thing that easily distracts him is girls (old, wrinkled, fat and any other trait people won't consider as attractive does not count).

As a person, Rogami still doesn't stand out much. The normal world is his home where he feels secure, outside of ATs and the identity of Horokeu. In this world, he's much more decisive and tends to enjoy himself like everyone else, studying hard and only talking when he has a say or when requested. He preserves his low self esteem, and if he would get in a fight he won't fight back as he 'knows' he can't win, and it's best to stay put and allow the other side to leave satisfied. He will not attempt to be noticed and will remain relaxed mostly. Rogami clearly sees more importance in his studies than in his jobs, more in his jobs than his personal life, and more in that than in ATs and Parts Wars. Of course, some cases exist in which one of the lesser three jumps right up to top priority, ditching everything aside for a particular goal (some examples are if a team in grave danger comes specifically with their emblem to ask help, or if he manages to get a date he believes will end in a 'fade to black').

Rogami tends to keep to himself unless asked to speak. He's judgmental and finds disadvantages before advantages, a pessimistic way of view towards things. He enjoys flying but not fighting, as opposed to his rider type, and towards most things concerning ATs he is impassive. Rogami on first impression doesn't seem like a warm character, but truth be told if he loves something/someone, he could adjust everything at his disposal for it - surroundings, belongings, even his own body and personality. As distrusting as he seems, if Rogami happens to gain someone's trust or vice-versa, this bond would most likely remain for a very, very long period.
[ LIKES: ]
  • Flavor: Spicy.
  • Color: Silver.
  • Animal: Bull.
  • Drink: Dr. Bepper {play on Dr. Pepper, you should know if you read the first Air Gear volumes.}
  • Band: AD/CD {again, play on the actual band AC/DC.}

  • Flavor: Dry.
  • Color: Moss/Dark Green.
  • Animal: Wolf.
  • Drink: Famta {need I explain?}
  • Band: Kansai Hotel {Tokyo Hotel.}

[ MOTIVATIONS: ] (How was your character motivated to begin riding A-T's or forming a team, at least 2 motivations)
[ FEARS: ] 


[ HEIGHT: ] 178 CM.
[ WEIGHT: ] 69 KG.
[ SKIN COLOR: ] Pale.
[ APPEARANCE: ] Gokudera Rogami was born with naturally green eyes and the distinguishing feature, gray hair. While his slik, smooth hair is in great shape despite its length and natural color, it does not stop people from making fun of him. On daily life, Rogami ties his hair in a low ponytail and allows some strands of hair to cover little of his forehead. The overall length exceeds the face and chin on the sides, and reaches to the start of the back, little below the shoulderblades. His eyebrows are seemingly invisible, but if one can look good enough they could see it's simply hair at the same color as the skin, reflecting light in a different way. His eyes are light green in color. When in school, he wears the regular school dark red jacket and pants upon a white, short sleeved undershirt. While his body doesn't seem to pack high muscle mass, his physique is still somehow athletic.

When on duty and off school, Rogami wears two main attires he treats as opposites, a sort of Tao-couple; because his jobs are so different from one another. On the first, as a waiter, his ponytail is preserved but for better eyesight, he wears round glasses and 


[ HISTORY: ] In an ironic way, Rogami's birth was not intentional although his parents were, in fact, a couple at their time 16 years ago. The 21 year old father was working for Windstorm police force, but as soon as the check came in with a positive result he had done everything he could to study while working at the same time, aiming for an actual fancy career to support his pregnant 18 year old wife and upcoming child. By some miracle, in merely 9 months he had finished his studies in university and earned the 'Doctor' title, getting anew full-time job as a doctor for psychology. Just in time for young Rogami's birth, allowing him to grow up happily and get what he wants, living a fancy lifestyle.

Prior to the age of 4, the small family moved to Japan, with a younger sibling for Rogami on the way. At that time of his life the boy couldn't care too much for other people's concerns, only finding ways to enjoy and run around like a normal kid. After his younger brother was born, Rogami had finally acquired a partner to play with - that being Gokudera Takao, to which the older was a role model of the sort. While he grew to like Air Trecks and found it cool at childhood, right when entering 6th grade the coin flipped, and Rogami slowly became impassive to ATs at start, his own hobbies later normal social life last.

[ RP SAMPLE: ] (A sample of how you role play)
[ FACE CLAIM: ] Naruto || Kaguya Kimimaro


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