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James L. Coolidge/ York

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James L. Coolidge/ York  Empty James L. Coolidge/ York

Post by Theyork on Tue Jan 08, 2013 9:23 am

James L. Coolidge/ York  TK600356040_zps9f8867bd-1_zpse8d5ea50
A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[ NAME: ] Birth name: Ryuuji Kurosaki
Name after escape: James L. Coolidge
[ STREET NAME: ] York, The Reaper
[ AGE: ] 19
[ BIRTHDAY: ] June 11
[ GENDER: ] Male
[ SEXUAL ORIENTATION: ] Heterosexual
[ ETHNIC GROUP: ] ½ American and ½ Japanese
[ BIRTHPLACE: ] Trophaeum Tower
Believes he was born in: New York, New York City
[ OCCUPATION: ] Reporter for a Ats magazine called “HighWind”

S T O R M - R I D E R - I N F O
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[ RANK: ] B CLass
[ ROAD: ] Wind Road
[ SHADOW: ] Ikaros
James L. Coolidge/ York  The_elementals__dragon_of_wind_by_reallurial-d4ivc9d_zps2f746684
[ TEAM: ] The Wicked: Currently disbanded and riding solo
[ AT DESCRIPTION: ] James Regalia takes the form of a pair of older Ats model; a pair of classic Nightshade. The Nightshade are a two wheeler model Air Trek made mainly for standard rides and low level tricks. However James model are custom made replacing much of the original parts with newer updated ones. The color set still matched the original design with a mix purple, blue and red. Giving it the Mid-Night look. The Regalia weight a shocking five pound as everything but only the very necessary parts have been removed. This is done in order for James to get the very highest speed possible out of his Ats.
James L. Coolidge/ York  AirTreck_zps4738be46

When activated the Regalia goes through little changes but where it does are the most noticeable. The front tips of each Ats grow downward forming into shapes similar to eagle beaks. Both back wheels grow outward almost taking the form of bladed wings, extending out to three inches. On the very tips of the nose of both pair a single eye appear and glow with a soft blue light. The last big change of the Regalia is along the heel the fabric form into the shapes of several white feathers. However the most noticeable is not a change to it form but to it sound. Once the Regalia is activated it emits a low, deep humming sound at all time the Regalia is not in use. Almost telling all to hear it that it is ready to do battle. This sound it due to the effect of the the Regalia infinity atmosphere as the Ats are being pushed to the very limits. This also chased the blue light to emits from the Regalia; when reaching it's limits or being over used the light with change to a dark red.

W H O - I S - Y O U R - R I D E R - ?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[ PERSONALITY: ] James is very much a wild card for everybody the first time they meet him. Always spontaneous and full of life and energy he is never one to be bored for very long. Half the people who know him would tell you he a fool and the other half would tell you he’s brave and reckless; and both would be right. Living life on the edge his one of the most enjoyable thing within James eyes, which has more then once place his life in danger. But he had never let it slow him down and with the discovery of the world of Ats his wild style has only grown worst. Offends saying he only feels truly alive when his life could possible be on the line.

However despite his wild nature James is in fact a very smart individual. Holding some of the highest marks back in his school days, he is always pushing himself to be the best he can be in everything he is a part of. He is also a very honest person believing the truth is always better then any lie, no matter how bad it might be. This also helps him greatly in his job where his hunger for the truth causes him to hunt for the best scoops and interviews.

James cares very little of what people thinks of him or his lifestyle. He believes he lives for himself and only himself and then comments of others are just that, opinions. This caused many to see him in a selfish light, but it just the way he is. He is always willing to help out his friends and teammates.

[ LIKES: ] Cooking- A well kept secret. He learned how to cook at a young age to help take care of his younger sister and found a love for it at the same time.
Heights- Ever since a young age he has always love heights.
Extreme Lifestyle- Being a adrenaline junkie he can only feel alive when he is being pushed to the very limits. This was he cause for becoming a BMX and Extreme sportsman and ultimately a Stormrider.
Music- His taste in music is as wide as his view on life. From classical to New Age, it all sends his soul a blaze.
Ats(Air Treks)- Despite not having any memories of ever riding Ats he quickly found a love for them beyond anything he had felt before in his life. As if is in the sky was where he belongs.
[ DISLIKES: ] Being bored- One of his greatest weakness is when things turn boring. This can cause him to lose focus or even no long care about the task at hand.
Being told No- He is not a fool that doesn’t understand reason, but when limited or told no without a explanation can cause him to become rebellions.
His fame- Over the years in Extreme sport he became one of the most known athlete in the field. Which has become to much for him to handle and one of his reason for the sudden move to Japan and living his old life behind.
Fool and bullies- One of the main things James just can’t stand are fool who believes that they stand above others without backing. This includes all types from: those who believs they are the strongest or are better just because the family their born into.
[ MOTIVATIONS: ] Joy and Freedom- Although a very simple reason it is all James need to follow his dreams. The dream of absolute freedom from the limits that the plants has placed onto people.
A unknown purpose- As if being pulled by a unseen hand James is drawn toward the world of Ats as if his had known about them his whole life. This Unknown feeling is the reason he now rides to find the answer to.
[ FEARS: ] Crippled- Despite his crazy attitude and disregard for his own safely one of his greatest fear is becoming injured and losing the ability to keep riding. This is caused by a reoccurring of him falling from a great height. A nightmare that’s seems almost to real.

W H A T - D O - T H E Y - L O O K - L I K E - ?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[ HEIGHT: ] 5’11
[ WEIGHT: ] 161
James is a tall handsome young man with a gentle smile, at least as first glance that is how he appear. Once one is close enough his true expression can be seen. Always wearing a smug look James is rarely ever seen without a smile for one reason of another. He stands just under six foot, placing him a bit above the heights of some of his fellow classmates. Like his mother he had inheriting his mother American blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Much of the time his hair is pulled back over his head and held in place with a bandana or a ponytail(mostly when he riding in a battle). He has three piercing in his left ear. One article of clothing that James is never seen without is he red bandana that is always wrapped his forehead. It is his, as he likes to call it, lucky bandana that he had always wore when he was in the BMX world.

On most days he can be seen wearing a tan long sleeve jacket of his school with a white shirt under it, normally left open or just half button up. A necklace can always be seen around his neck, as he never takes it off. The necklace is in the shape of a single handcuff as it acts as a symbol of how fate binds one. Ryuuji pants on most days match’s his shirt, being black, and tends to be a bit baggie.

However when out and about at night living in the world of Ats he was a much different uniform. Unlike his blight clothing of the day at night he matches the dark night: starting from the top down James wears a black cap over his red bandana. Most time he wears nothing but a white tank top as a shirt along with a short-sleeve dark blue trench coat. The trench coat is custom made with silk liner and very doable exterior. The coat also has a hood which easily allows James to hide his face in time he needs to, which is the source of his Stormrider nickname The Reaper. As for his lower half he wears dark blue jeans with a white belt.

His Rider uniform(just the outfit, not the person):
James L. Coolidge/ York  Secret_Santa___For_Hellomegs_by_Viichu_zpsddc667a8
[ FACE CLAIM: ] TK from Angel Beats!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lucky Number Seven
James was born into unusual subsistence compared to many of the others Gravity Children. He was born to Taiga Kurosaki, one of the head doctors tasked with overseeing the development and growth of the gravity children, outside of wedlock. Ryuuji (James birth name) was number seven out of the fourteen of the titled gravity children making him the middle piece. Even with his birth mother part of the program he was not given any special treatment and handle just like the rest. Like the others he was tested, trained and experimented on for reason never known to the children’s. Like all the other kids Ryuuji was tested and then placed in a list to be ranked with the other but the scientist soon learned Ryuuji was a special. Normal tested did not work on him like the others as it seemed Ryuuji was blessed with a large amount of good luck. Many times he would randomly pick answers for questions and seemly always get them right making him a nightmare for those over the test. Along with his amazing good luck he was also bless with a overflowing amount of daringness. Ryuuji many times was the first to try out new test or equipments, but wasn’t doing it to help the adults but so that others wouldn’t have to be focused too. Behind that foolish attitude laid a caring heart, even at such a young age, as he always hide the pain and smiled to help keep the younger kids spirit up; if only a little. However this itself would one day prove to be both his cruse and savoir.

The Death of a Dragon
As the years went on Ryuuji mother watched from a distance and slowly fought the pain and regret what she had done to her son. The sudden changed of heart was brought on by the birth of second child, a daughter. She longed to removed Ryuuji from this world, but lacked the means to do so until a most unlucky/lucky day. It was around the time as a new type of Ats being introduce to the children for testing. Like always Ryuuji was the first to volunteer. Always with a with a smile he took it upon himself to take the test but today his luck would run dry. As he rode up the wall like he had done hundreds of time before the back wheel on the left Ats suddenly malfunction causing it to explode. From the sudden shock Ryuuji lost his balance and fell. A normally simple thing to fix with a easy twist of his body, but with the broken Ats he could do very little. Ryuuji would hit the ground hard as he landed on his neck and became lifeless. This would later would be seen as a blessing in disguise as his mother was the doctor over this incident and working quickly she declared Ryuuji dead while making a false death report. Using the confusion of the event and with the help of Ryuuji father, who was part of the program directors, Taiga disappeared from everything in a blink of the eye that night. However his father did not follow as he stayed behind to ensure they would not be followed, but is unknown if he is still alive or dead.

Being Reborn
Taiga was shocked at the state of her son after their escape from the tower. Even with the genetically enhancements of his body such a fall should had done much more damage then is had, Ryuuji received nothing more then a concussion. But the real damage wouldn’t be known until he awoken only to learn he no longer had any memories of his life anymore. Seeing this as a blessing his mother hide the truth from him telling him he was in a accident while on vacation in Japan and was going home, back to New York.

A Dragon will Fly Once More
A few years would past by before the hunger that Taiga knew would one day surface within her son. As a gravity child it is in their very nature to crave the feeling of the sky through Ats. To suppress these feeling and hopefully keep his memories locked away Taiga allowed James to experience each and every extreme sport and pastime he could get his hands on: which he did and then some. With the body of a Gravity Child and with the skills of riding Ats all his childhood drilled into his body unconscious he quickly master any sport he stepped into. Within six years(from age 10 to 16) James rise to fame grew till he was household name within the Extreme Sport world and BMX. However it wouldn’t be long till he would always hit a wall, a limit. Not a limit for himself but for the sport. It would always become to easy or to boring and off he go to the next sport. This would be the routine until one day when he say those shadows fly over head against the sunny sky.

Look Mom! I can Fly!
As the Ats world had not yet grown as large in America as in Japan, riders was not as common place, but that day James was amazed at what he saw as he watched the older guys jump, grind, and fly through the sky. However he would be the one to shock them after a short chase ended with him keeping up with them on only inline skates. He would shock even himself as the event rolled along, as one of the man happen to be a fan of James and allowed him to have a joy-ride with his pair of Ats. It was unlike any of the sports he experience before, as if it was something his body had been missing. However something his mother could have never predicted happen. Amazed at how welled he handler the Ats the fan told James he should had became a Stromrider and head to Japan. Curious about the subject James asked for more info and was told about what little info there was. However at the words of Trophaeum Tower a shock of pain would rush through James body as if it was something he should have known. Learning that the fans knew nothing more then the name of the tower he did the only thing could and asked his mother about it.

Once more…I’m coming home
Oddly enough Taiga did not seem to surprised when James asked about the tower as she always feared this day would come and told James to be patients and that she would, in time, tell him all he wanted to know. This did not sit well with James however as other images slowly began to leaked into his mind of time he did not remember. It was then that decided to handle it himself and did the unthinkable, using the money he had made over the year from his sport career James headed to Japan alone. A crazy and reckless move on his part yet so nature for him. James wasted very little time upon arriving as he quickly enter himself into a school and even found himself a job within a Ats magazine called HighWind. With such a job he killed two birds with one stone as he now had a income as well as a means to collect info on the various stormriders around the city. Sure one of them must know more about this Tower and maybe even about himself.

…And a StromRider was Born
The years almost flew by as James lived his life within this new country and new world known as being a StromRider. It wasn’t a easy life to say the least as dropped everything in his life to simple chase after something he wasn’t even sure he could ever find. That never discourage the boy, not even once as he used his contact from his part-time job as well as the riders he meet over the years to find what he could about the Tower. Yet no ever seemed to know of it location, only of the romors which surrounded it. A year would past before he finally got his first real lead, “That only those who rise to the level of A-rank and Kings was allowed to see and challenge the Tower and there was only one way to do this and that would to become a StromRider! Without hesitation James joined the first team who would take him in and became a StromRider however it was only then that he learn just how much of a up hill battle it truly was to in the world of Ats.

A Dragon who known as a Reaper
Team after team James would join and watch as they would be eaten by stronger teams or far apart from internal fighting. Annoyance filled him with each attempt and failure which in the end forced James to take the step forward that he himself had been trying to avoid. Following up on leads after leads from around the city James slowly created a team of his own making. The years that followed was some of James most challenging ordeals from fighting from both on the outside and inside. But through it all James held the team together as they quickly rosed in rank however his dream could only rise so high with his own wings to carry it. With other believing they could lead the team better in James place which lead to many fights and even a attempt to take the team over by force, in which the attacker lost to James. With no sigh of giving up the leader spot many of the higher ranked member left to start their own team. Last James had heard many had already lost their emblem. Once more James was left alone to grit his teeth for another climb however for the first time ever someone step out before with not only info but a helping hand.

With this Regalia even a Reaper can becomes a King
To this day James know not who this woman was that appeared before him that fateful night. Reaching out a helpful hand she offer to modify, to Tune, his Ats. She claimed that by allowing her to tune his Ats that they would become like nothing he had ever seen before and he would truly have the power to one day reach the Tower he so long fought for. With nothing each to lose he allowed the woman to do as she pleased and after a very long wait was presented what she called a Regalia. At first James was very disappointed as their appeared very little changed on his Ats aside from being a bit lighter, however once in the air he was amazed! He had never felt so light in his life while in the air. With the Regalia, which he named The Wings of Ikaros, James was rejuvenated in his hunt for his past and once more set out to find his past.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

[ Air Trick Points ] - 120
[ BRAKING ] - +15
[ CONTROL ] - +30
[ POWER ] - +20
[ JUMP ] - +15

T R I C K - L I S T
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[ Lucky Black Cat ] - Basic
[ DESCRIPTION: ] Using James natural control of his own center of gravity when falling it’s allows him to quickly and easily spin during free-fall to almost always allow him to land on his feet.

[ Devil Ghost ] - practitioner
[ DESCRIPTION: ] A running technique Ryuuji learn over the years. While riding(it can also be used when Ryuuji is on foot) at full speed Ryuuji turns without slowing down, allowing him to pass others without stopping and maintaining his speed.
He does this by shortens his steps, stepping in one direction and then crossing over with the other foot. This causing the target to be unsure of which direction He will run and leaves a ghostly image of himself in front of the target after he dodged. This isn't really meant for attacking but rather a way to counter or dodge attackers or attacks.

[ Wing Road ] - Advanced
[ DESCRIPTION: ] James is able to ride on the surface of the wind, known as the Wing Road, giving an appearance of the user having wings sprouting out from their feet, and an ability to fly. When coupled with the Wind Regalia, Wings of Ikaros, James is able to utilize the full extent of this trick, being able to ride on surfaces normally impossible with normal Ats.

[ Impact Wind ] - Advanced
[ DESCRIPTION: ] Using a large amount of his strength, James unleashes a short-range burst of wind around his body. This technique enables him to free himself from entrapping tricks by other riders as well as blow debris and small objects away.

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James L. Coolidge/ York  Empty Re: James L. Coolidge/ York

Post by Theyork on Sat Jan 19, 2013 11:03 am

Alrightly there we go! Beside the autoplayer I want to add, it should be done. Please let me know if I should fix anything!
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James L. Coolidge/ York  Empty Re: James L. Coolidge/ York

Post by JIN on Sun Jan 20, 2013 12:26 am

Hello Theyork, I'll be reviewing your application. ^^

Your application looks great, just two things that you need to fix.

    - Facelaim, please put in your face claim with the anime or manga you are using
    - Second trick, you only have one trick. If you want only one trick then you may but I highly advise that you take advantage of the having two tricks to begin with..

Other than that everything is fine.
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James L. Coolidge/ York  Empty Re: James L. Coolidge/ York

Post by Theyork on Sun Jan 20, 2013 7:15 am

lol I missed that part. Added both my Facelaim and added a one more trick
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James L. Coolidge/ York  Empty Re: James L. Coolidge/ York

Post by JIN on Tue Jan 22, 2013 6:31 am

Moved and unlocked for additional editing allowed by me.
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James L. Coolidge/ York  Empty Re: James L. Coolidge/ York

Post by JIN on Sat Jan 26, 2013 8:34 am

James L. Coolidge/ York  Approved
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James L. Coolidge/ York  Empty Re: James L. Coolidge/ York

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