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Nika Melody

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Nika Melody Empty Nika Melody

Post by Medley on Sat Jan 26, 2013 1:13 am

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[ NAME: ] Nika Melody
[ STREET NAME: ] Behemoth
[ AGE: ] 20
[ BIRTHDAY: ] August 2
[ GENDER: ] Female
[ ETHNIC GROUP: ] German
[ BIRTHPLACE: ] Munich, Germany
[ OCCUPATION: ] Hobby Game Store Clerk [Providing you with all your board game and card game needs!]

S T O R M - R I D E R - I N F O
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[ RANK: ] A Class
[ ROAD: ] Equalizer
[ SHADOW: ] Behemoth
Shadow Reference:
Nika Melody Amano_Behemoth_vs._Light_Warrior
[ TEAM: ] Solo
Nika favors the four wheeled AT model over all the other ones due to their durability, balance, and general support. The base color is a deep purple that is almost to the point of being a violet. The front wheels are less thick than the back but appears to be a smooth and round, perfect for regular skates.The back wheels appear segmented into three distinct parts. Along the back, it appears as though the spine of the AT can suddenly rise up and almost like a beast curled up at rest. There is a distinct stopper/cover over the front area of the AT that also appears dormant.

Now when the AT is activated, the appearance change into an even more feral in nature, the colors generally remain the same. Upon the base near the front is a curved head that points downward to the point of a spike at the head of the skates. Behind the long spike there appears to be an eye like section on both sides to appear like a beast, it is distinct as the color of that area is a flaming red. From there, there are points of backward spiked spines that overlap one another like the exoskeleton of a bug. This goes on for about half way through the AT's back. From there the front wheels outward area have a cover that appears to be like a webbed hand wrapped halfway over them. The front wheels themselves are a nasty segmented section of curved like blades. However they are split to only two parts on each wheel. The back wheels two wheels appear to be slightly thicker. Unlike the front wheels that are bladed, the sectioned off back wheels appear almost detach from five points but still appear round in nature. The bottom of the AT is segmented to two parts, a distinct line cut through the middle, however it appears like an underbelly of a beast with a curved area every inch or so like the plates of a dragon's underbelly. The color of it matches in the sense it is a light tan.

Nika's only complaint is the weight of the beast but otherwise she is completely grateful for the AT's existence. Her old pair of AT has long since been destroyed in a match and she never expected to gain another one again. In her bitterness she just so happened upon this pair while passing through different stores to look for the cheapest she can find. It caught her eyes so she requested the price for the pair. The man working there offered a sort of internship job when he realized her lack of money. Of course how could she decline? By the way, the people who broke her original pair of AT has paid for it dearly.

W H O - I S - Y O U R - R I D E R - ?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Nika is an honest, hardworking, kind, shy to the point of being too reserved, and so on. Her grandparents had raised her well to be respectful to other people. They also made her have a knack for stopping when other people are in need of help. Often times she find herself helping others without her realizing this until she finished. It actually adds to her airheaded and distracted nature. It often leads to her bumping other people on accident if she isn’t busy helping somebody. It isn’t difficult for her to get distracted; a shiny object can easily catch her eye and create a curiosity for her to walk over to see.

Another part of her attitude is her almost fanatical dedication to work and her inability to say no (in most circumstances). It often leads her accepting more work than she handle. Want her to work the nightshift for the rest of the month? Sure she’ll do it without a complaint. Can’t pay her? She is happy to even have a job. This often leads her to be quite exploitable to her employers.

She is also a very self-conscious person and worries what other people think of her. This leads to her ability to be quite an adorable quirk. She often appears to fidget around strangers, her mind often running from one side to another wondering what they thought about her. It also leads to a distrustful sense until she knows the others can accept her faults. Responsibility is very important aspect of her upbringing and it is reflected in her nature. She knows what she is capable of undertaking and would take responsibility for other’s action if she feels that it will help in some way.

A certain aspect of her is rarely seen and that is her fearful face. She hates to show weakness to others, feeling that it would be too troublesome for other people to worry about her when it could be so much worse for others. The other side is her more serious and angry attitude. In contrast she is often very childish, acting more like how she appears than her actual age. Her anger should not be confused with her childish anger where she would puff up her cheeks and cross her arms. This other anger is more like a silent, calm, concentrated anger. It is extremely frightening in comparison to her otherwise ditzy personality.

[ LIKES: ]
Gaming: Her main focus is on card and board games. She is also specially inclined to playing role-playing games. They allow her to escape and distract her mind from her current problems. They provide all the excitement she needs to carry on from day to day and some hilarious experiences by meeting different people.

Air Trekking: She loves to perform tricks and competing with other people. Flying makes her feel alive and causes her to feel a sort of connection with other people. This can be compared to the saying that you best know people when you have fought with them.

Sushi: She loves to eat sushi but not quite cooked fish. For some reason the fresh taste is always refreshing. They have an interesting texture depending on what you order and taste great with sake on the side. She appreciates the skill of sushi makers to cut the choice parts and serve the customers. Going to a rotating sushi joint is one of her favorite past times if she manages to save enough money on it.

Mentions of Breasts: She tries, she had tried drinking lots of milk but that still hasn't improved her breast size. She knows she is inferior to the models in the paper. It actually makes her quite depressed for having her breast size mentioned. She will hate you forever if you mention them. Hey at least she isn't fat, right?

Losing: Oh yes, Nika absolutely hates to lose to other people even her friends. It actually adds to a competitive nature that she doesn't often show or people seem to recognize. If she loses to someone be sure that she will challenge them again not out of spite (most of the time).

Cocky People: Yes, these are the most despicable people in her opinion. People should be humble in nature and not gloat on how much better they are in comparison to other people. This only makes her want to beat these people down.

Grandfather: Her grandfather was the first person to introduce her to AT. He used to be a pilot and wanted her to experience the joy that he had once witnessed. Of course she did and never regretted it. He taught her the wonders and possibilities of being her own pilot in the same sense like with an airplane. Before he passed away, he imparted with her a sense of responsibility which she interpreted that it required the help with her Air Trek.

[ FEARS: ]
Lightning & Thunder: She fears thunder because it signals the arrival of lightning. What she fears is the sheer power of lightning and fears getting struck by it. She wholeheartedly believes that if she is struck but there would be nothing left in the end. Her fear is deeply rooted from her early childhood while she still lived in Germany. When these two monsters around she often freezes up at the sight and even when she escapes the fear, she would often go hide under a table for protection. In the end Mr. Blankee is her friend and she uses it to cover her eyes or snuggle with it until the storm passes.

Loneliness: Believe it or not but she is dreadfully afraid of being alone. It sometimes make her seem clingy towards strangers if she feels that she could possibly become good friends with her (it actually make her seem more like a stalker since she is a bit too shy to properly tell her feelings). This fear of loneliness is how she handle the separation from her grandparents. With her grandfather dead and her grandmother barely able to remember her, she can only escape to her games and friends.

W H A T - D O - T H E Y - L O O K - L I K E - ?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[ HEIGHT: ] 5'2"
[ WEIGHT: ] 112 Ibs
Nika appears more like a fourteen year old (shame she acts like it too) than a twenty year old adult that can drink. Her body appears almost frail like due to her small frame. It doesn’t help that she appears to have almost minimal amount of muscles and fat. Oh don’t mention the lack of fat too much; she doesn’t like to recognize her lack of bust size in comparison to other girls. This is also true for her size as she is also quite a bit shorter than the average girl her age. Then again she really isn’t the average person. What are striking is perhaps her brilliant golden eyes that seem to be the signature of youth. Her long hair reaches well past her hips and only adds to her childish feature.

Her general style of clothing is close to hip hop preferences. She wears a large sleeveless hoodie that goes even past her butt. It is a dark grey but not pure black color with flame colored highlights. Even when the hood isn’t up, her goggles will be on her face, ready to dash out into the fray. Of course that doesn’t excuse her from wearing pants. So often she wears skin tight shorts, similar in color to her flame like scarf. To protect her hands but still able to fiddle with small pieces is her matching fingerless gloves. While she plays her music now and then to pass time, the headphones often just rest on her sides. When she isn’t skating with her AT, she would often resolve to wear a simple pair of black and flame colored sneakers.

Character Appearance:
Nika Melody Kaku-san-seiMillionArthurfull1383039
[ FACE CLAIM: ] SiSiLaLa OVERDRIVE from Kaku-san-sei Million Arthur

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Nika did not have a normal birth. Even before she was born, her mother and father were never married. Of course this lead to an easy detachment between the two when the father left months into the pregnancy for another woman. Her mother was hardly heartbroken but she knew how dire the situation was. She worked so hard to make what little money she could to help support herself and give birth. There was no one to help the poor woman in Germany as many of her relatives cared little for one another and were separated by countries and even oceans. The end was somewhat expected for the overworked woman when she died giving birth. The doctors had managed to save the child but hardly knew what to do until the authorities contacted every relative. Of course none of them wanted another mouth to feed except for Nika’s grandparents.

At this time her grandparents were wealthy individuals who had properties in both Germany and Japan. They decided to move back to Germany for Nika’s sake so she was raised in a relatively rigid but loving household. They cared for her, putting education and morality on the top of their list to teach the young girl. Ever since she was born she had been the runt compared to the other children around her. She was small and seemed to rarely grow except in odd spurts. During schools she was the last to be picked for most of the sports meets but that didn’t stop her tenacity to prove herself.

Her life in Germany did not last long as she was brought over to Japan after her tenth birthday. The reasons behind the change was the fact that her grandparents had far more work there than in the German countryside. This change was sudden for the girl but she accepted it with ease, seeing that she did not want to worry her aging grandparents. She was a nice respectful girl but she knew she did not quite fit in with the other children, even more so now. She was a purebred German and had no parts of a Japanese blood in her. There appears to still be a hint of accent in her speech to this day that denotes her nationality. However what she had was a sweetness that seemed so delicious to exploit.

Soon after starting school, she became a target for bullying. Although sweet and innocent in appearance she still stood up for herself and others that were made fun of. This is where she met her love for gaming as so many others that were alienated included quite a bit of Otakus. She was easily accepted by them due to her actual curiosity and interest in what they did. This was the first group of people outside of her grandparents that accepted her for who she was.

This appears to be happier point in her life where she spent her days going from game store to game store, exploring the wonders of the niche market. Of course it was a time of bullying as well and she got a horrible nickname of the weird chick or otaku girl but she accepted it as a complement. Her grandparents didn’t mind so much as it kept her mind and hand busy while they worked on their financing business.

Of course she had always been an active girl but that always seem to be pushed back by her odd hobbies. She wasn’t the fastest runner, but she knew how to control herself from a young age. Her grandparents felt it wise to teach her some form of self-defense but she took it into her own hands to learn in her own pace, often leading her to change from different professions of martial arts.

Unfortunately this happiness never seems to last as her grandfather soon contracted cancer while she was only sixteen. Her grandfather had been a stern and powerful man, often teaching her the importance of resisting against what was not right. She looked up to him almost like a hero and it was hard to accept his frail state. Even in such a state, he continued to teach Nika what was important in her life and at this point, she does nothing but wish he had taught her so much more.

His parting gift was something quite mysterious. It was her first Air Trek. By no means was it fancy, it was a relatively standard four wheel model that was slightly too big or loose on her but she loved them nonetheless. Her grandfather never knew the difference and just picked up what was available and sturdy for the young teenager. Of course being the young teenager she was at the time, she almost seemed unconcerned and didn’t touch the thing until after he passed away.

The day of the funeral was horrible for the young girl but she accepted it without as much as a tear. She resolved herself to be strong for her grandmother. This was when she discovered the joy of the AT. At first she had trouble balancing on it but soon she picked up her momentum and learned to soar through the air. Of course she had learned to fall many times before she successfully got a lift off. Oh how exciting it was for her to experience flight for the first time.

This became an even greater escape than her games were at the time. With these special skates, she could do things she only thought possible in these games. They brought her one step closer into the world of her dreams, her ideal world. She didn’t think too much about other people having them until a faithful day.

Being the type that enjoyed exploring, it was unfortunate that she encountered a gang that was interested in her AT for parts. Of course she was duped into a match without proper information on how things should have been done. What ended up happening is her being forced on the ground her AT being stolen after getting knocked unconscious. She had actually won the match but that hardly mattered to these punks.

With her precious AT lost, she couldn’t help but seem like a ghost of her former self. For the next few days she would just look up into the sky and wish to be up there again. This was also the first time she held so much bitterness against other people. She was told never to feel this way and probably never would have if that AT wasn’t so precious to her. While she wondered from store to store to look at the unaffordable AT for a seventeen year old at the time, she couldn’t help but get become enamored with a certain beast of the night.

She enquired about them since they were not listed by price but of course was unable to afford them. The owner did see how let down she was and offered her to work for this certain AT. The work took many weeks but the man kept his word and he was back into the air. Unlike her original AT, this beast was far more powerful and slow. However it strangely fit her size as compared to her original. It felt so right as she dashed through the air once again.

Of course this soon leads her to another encounter with the ones who originally took her precious gift. What does she do? Of course she has her revenge and this time she was prepared for their tricks. She tore through them like a rabid beast, sending a good lot of them to the hospital. This was the first time she recognized the true nature of her AT. In the end she still ended up feeling guilt but enough to vow anything for the long term. She felt that justice had been dealt and it wasn’t like she had killed anyone.

Now further into her advances in AT experience, she realized her talent or at least steadily improved herself through the years. She took on challenges of other people and recognized her own style. However her attention to the AT world had led her to neglect her grandmother. The years weren’t kind to the old woman as her mind slowly degenerated. When Nika noticed she tried her best to help the woman.

Although she became strong and earned the nickname of Behemoth through the force she brought down to her foes, she could not keep away the disease eating away at her grandmother. It came to the point that she was forced to put her under others care and now forced to live by herself. Although her name was known, she soon kept to herself. It was easy for others to pass her by due to her stature. She had more pressing worries of her own survival than to fret with a bunch of punks.

Young and smart at the same time, she used her appearance to her advantage. Others think she was an easy target when she is found riding her ATs but this was rare as she mainly practices late at night. The AT was her escape from the truth but what more troubles can it bring?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[ Air Trick Points ] (ATP) - 150
[ ACCELERATION ] - (+13)
[ FLEXIBILITY ] - (+20)
[ BRAKING ] - (+20)
[ CONTROL ] - (+45)
[ POWER ] - (+29)
[ JUMP ] - (+23)

T R I C K - L I S T
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[ Equally Bound ] - Practitioner
This trick is performed while the user is falling and/pr in the process of being attacked. Depending on the attack, the user would twist or change their body's position by bouncing off solid corners to change the focus attack so that it is dealt throughout the body instead of taking a major head on damage to a certain part of the body.

[ Roar Shield ] - Advanced
Nika gathers momentum while in the air to prepare for being attacked. She then twists her body in a wild frenzy to release vibrations around her to act as a shield against approaching attack, It requires delicate precision to only release vibrations as they cannot overlap one another. It does not always mean she will be completely covered from all attacks as it often have areas of breaks. It is also dispelled upon touching ground.

[ Clawed Smash ] - Advanced
Nika uses her Quake Beast Regalia to attack the enemy while it is activated. The true carnage is from her control of the AT as it slowly builds up power from moving through the air. It uses vibrations stored through the movement to smash down upon the enemy. The first contact often starts in striking at the opponent with the front wheels but only to inflict a minor scratch wound but then it uses the vibration gather on the back wheel to slam against the enemy to deal damage throughout the body.

[ Ripple Effect ] - Master
Nika gains as high as an altitude as possible to prepare for the attack. This attack is dependent on the control of force produced while riding. The user then releases the force (the force used is the dispelling of seismic waves) on the target but unlike a focused attack, the power is released equally throughout the body. It is an area of effect attack that deals the same amount of damage throughout and focuses on sending the person down onto the ground.

[ BESTIAL ROAR ] - Basic
Nika either prepares the AT to unleash a large amounts of seismic waves mixed with whatever pressure they can gather from the air. At the moment of release, the user must be on some form of surface, the smoother the surface the better the control. The force released allows the user a sudden burst of speed. The side effect is similar to the Ripple Effect trick where it releases force throughout the surface. Unlike the Ripple Effect, the force released is concentrated in push off into a straight line. It allows the user to reach their maximum speed in a moment but it is only temporary and depend on the user's ability to brake when they need to. The user can at best release either one massive burst or segment it into up to three separate bursts. However each burst requires some form of surface. The name comes from the fact that each time it is used the sound produced is like that beast's roaring.

The user charges up Quake Beast and either smash onto the ground or at least some form of surface so as to bring up pieces of earth, concrete or solid objects around the immediate vicinity of the user within kicking range. This is similar to how earthquakes bring up the Earth's crust. The user then releases a concentrated amount of pressure and vibrations to slam into the objects and use it as projectile in the direction they kick. Failure can result from not charging properly, kicking the objects without proper calculations (which can lead to the object completely missing the target), or simply the uncooperative nature of the surface.
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