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Post by Medley on Sun Jan 27, 2013 4:34 am

Nika let out a whoop of joy as she jumped upwards into the breezy early morning skies. It was so early in fact that the sun had yet to rise. Perhaps she had just two more hours before the sun actually began to peak its head over the edges of the city. Normally she would have done this practice late into the night but she had been busy trying to figure how she should approach the new tricks in mind. She wasn’t the brightest person in the world, she couldn’t picture out the exact details just by imaging them. The best way for her to learn was make it personal and from experiencing it herself. That didn’t mean she did not try to figure out the intricacies of the art. In the end it made her wanting for the fresh air outside and to just wing it in the end. The air would at least help clear her mind of this awful headache.

She travelled the streets with the gracefulness uncanny to that of a gliding beast. Her Air Trek wasn’t made for speed but what it lacks in that respect it is replaced with a form of ease in movement. It felt second nature to be able to jump so high with a sturdiness that helped her deal with a number of shocks. She hardly felt anything as she hopped over a rooftop and landed with a barely audible thump. She was heading for her favorite location to train, an abandoned facility of some kind that only seemed busy during the rush hours of the day, thanks to the number of cars that seemed to be stuck to swarm around it.

The place was quite large with plenty of room to maneuver from one spot to the next. The best point is perhaps at the top part of the complex. It reached high into the sky, it almost seemed as though she could jump and touch the stars. Of course that wasn’t true, although she had tried in the past much to her disappointment. This was where she was going to perfect her new trick with minimal damage as possible. The city was probably going to demolition at some point; she wanted to enjoy it while it lasted.

Once she stood on the roof, her Air Trek began to slide easily along the debris strewn concrete. She did this for some time, slowly gathering up momentum and speed. Slow and steady wins the race as others say. However she knew that wasn’t true, many races she won came down to her ability to control her movements. She needed speed and recognized that.

Once she felt sufficed in gaining speed on the ground, she began to almost seem to float upwards into the air with a circular formation. She almost seemed to glide downwards in a steady pattern. Her AT seems to recognize some idea of what she wanted to do as the humming in the motors slowly became louder. The back wheels started to vibrate as if to prepare for an attack. It never came as once again she softly landed onto the ground.

The girl almost seemed to freeze in a moment of time as she stood still among the low growl of her AT. One foot laid flat on the ground, another lifted at the tip. In a sudden and quick movement, her muscles tightened and the back end of one of her feet slammed downwards into the ground. The pressure and wave gathered within the AT itself seems to release her, propelling her forward into the air. She happily cheered at the sudden rush of her air. The time it took to reach the same altitude while she was lightly skimming the air was proportional to that of a rabbit and cheetah. It was amazing and thrilling; up to the point that she saw she had overshot any real target.

Instead of shooting directly upwards she was at the point where she had sent herself into an angle. The building was far behind her as she seemed to appear to have jumped over the edge. She cursed under her breath and realized where her mistake was from. She had pushed off from a piece of crooked debris. This had led to a sudden change of projector. It wasn’t too bad though for a first time, it was definitely going to be useful in a tough pinch. The motor in her AT was still humming ever so lightly after releasing so much energy at once.

“Come on buddy, we have one more thing to try,” she grinned, her smile almost sinister in nature. With all that in mind, she suddenly started to drop. Her AT began to change shape, the dormant beast awakening to the call of its master. The front wheels became sharp and razor edged, the back separating itself. Now the growl was far louder than before. She began to slide down the air like the twists of a tornado, keeping up a certain focal point.

She came down hard to say the least, the front wheels digging deeply into the weed strewn ground. Within moments her heels crashed onto her ground sending a powerful ripple through the ground, uplifting pieces of it into the air. It wasn’t nearly as large of pieces as she hoped for but it was enough for a practice round. As the pieces rose to around her waist, she twisted her hips to kick at it. The center of gravity aided her in adding power to both her kick and Regalia as it made contact with the piece of ground. However the force caused the floating chunk of dirt and rock to explode; only propelling the harder objects outwards into the side of the building.

“Well that didn’t work,” she stated disappointingly but as she looked up, her expression changed to a far more positive outlook. There was a chunk of rock lodged into the side of building. That only meant what she had done actually worked in the end. This would definitely be effective for long range combat if she was ever forced into such a situation.

When the vibrations finally stopped, her Regalia returned to their original state and she slid down to her knees exhausted. It was a successful run in the end and practice was just as insane as before. The results weren’t perfect but she knew the foundations of how it should work out. Hopefully she wouldn’t be forced to use such moves against other people but she never knew in this world.
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