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Dragon Flame road [F]

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Dragon Flame road [F] Empty Dragon Flame road [F]

Post by Dread on Tue Feb 19, 2013 2:57 am

C U S T O M - R O A D
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[ ROAD NAME: ] Dragon Flame Road
[ ROAD COMBO: ] Wind Road & Fire Road
[ DESCRIPTION: ] The Dragon Flame Road follows the first three aspects of the Wind Road and the first aspect of the Flame Road. Being that most riders of the Dragon Flame Road are able to use "Wings" and generate heat via friction. Most Riders of this road are know for their hardiness in battle being that they can take and return massive amounts of damage. Riders of this road can easily be confused for riders of either the Wind or Flame roads as they may be more in tune with one aspect of the road but not the other.

As stated before the Dragon Flame Road follows the first three aspects of the Wind road and the First aspect of the Flame road.

* The rider runs a low pressure current by breaking the barrier front. The rider may also be able to dissipate impact forces throughout their body, greatly reducing injury.
* The second element is "Gravity Control", or the shifting of one's center of gravity in order to extend the height and distance of jumps.
* The third element is "Wings", a phenomenon which takes an existing tailwind and adds the user's own wind to it.
* The fourth is the generation of heat via friction. This can bend light, create updrafts, and create illusions using heat mirages. The ability to create and manipulate heat.

[ STRENGTHS: ]Riders can sustain large amounts of damage and return it, excel in reaching high speeds, riders of this road are also very Driven and passionate
[ WEAKNESSES: ] Riders of the Dragon Flame Road are at a disadvantage when around riders of the Rising road are their opponents, Being as they are driven more by power they are not very precise which interferes with their ability to control or brake, Riders of the Dragon flame Road also a weakness to their defense. Being as they are more offensive they generally leave themselves open to attacks at every turn.


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