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A New Rider In Town [F]

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A New Rider In Town [F] Empty A New Rider In Town [F]

Post by jmaoa on Fri Nov 14, 2014 1:23 am

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[ NAME: ] jmaoa
[ AGE: ] 17 years old
[ BIRTHDAY: ] 09/12/1996
[ GENDER: ] Male
[ SEXUAL ORIENTATION: ] Heterosexual
[ ETHNIC GROUP: ] European, Portuguese
[ BIRTHPLACE: ] Lisbon, Portugal
[ OCCUPATION: ] College Student

S T O R M - R I D E R - I N F O
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[ RANK: ] F Class
[ ROAD: ]
C U S T O M  - R O A D
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[ ROAD NAME: ] Raging-Road
[ ROAD COMBO: ] Flame-Road, Bloody-Fang-Road and Wind-Road
[ DESCRIPTION: ] The rider uses extremely high speed combos and techniques similar to the Flame-Road's "time" techniques to fight, mixing them with Bloody-Fang-Road's accelerations and decelerations to use supersonic slashing booms or powered-up hiting techniques. The rider also uses the barriers between different pressure air currents to accelerate or decelerate, although he fails to graps the other aspects of these roads.
[ STRENGTHS: ] 1) powerful high-speed combos and techniques characteristic of Flame-Road riders; 2) average mid-distance attacks with the Wind-Road's control of air barriers, which also allow the rider to reposition himself to fight; 3) average long-distance supersonic slash attacks with the Bloody-Fang-Road's "fangs"
[ WEAKNESSES: ] 1) weak in narrow spaces, as it's techniques need space to accelerate and decelerate to work; 2) weak to Sonia, Over and Gaia Roads; 3) each characteristic of the Wind, Flame and Bloody-Fang Roads are weaker versions of the originals until completely mastered.

[ SHADOW: ] n/a
[ TEAM: ] Solo
[ AT DESCRIPTION: ] Navy blue two-wheel type ATs with two white stripes from the mid-bottom of the foot to the front and back of the feet, white laces and red straps in the outer side of the feet. Jet added a single feature to his ATs, he drew, with his designer friend's help, his own Storm Rider's symbol, a flaming red J.

W H O - I S - Y O U R - R I D E R - ?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[ PERSONALITY: ] Jet is like the wind, when you notice him, he's gone already. He doesn't stand out much and only his friends seem to know who he is. Though most people wouldn't say, he's actually very easy-going with people and always tries to have fun with them.
He's very lazy in the morning and always gets up late, but has extraordinary energy throughout the day. When he feels like it, he goes where he needs to go running or riding his ATs, which makes most people around him think he's weird. However, Jet is so laidback that he doesn't notice the others talking about him, since whenever he starts to run or ride his ATs his mind goes blank and he thinks of nothing but the wind on his face...
Jet, although smart, is actually very childish, and likes to make other people go nuts. He hates to study and skips classes whenever he has a chance, using his time to sleep somewhere in his school's gardens , making him the laziest student in his college... However, he always has the energy to play sports with other people or to have a neck-breaking speed race with others. This makes his personality a little weird and nobody really understands it, since he's very reserved about himself and his thoughts, but as long as it's got nothing to do with school and is somewhat related to sports, his friends can find Jet in the front row of the latest event, especially if it has something to do with ATs.
[ LIKES: ] Jet loves to sleep, to do sports and to hang out with friends.
[ DISLIKES: ] He hates to eat and other people who are faster than him.
[ MOTIVATIONS: ] Jet always loved to run and to feel the wind against his skin. He'd run and run all day long. As such, he eventually became the fastest person he ever knew.
However, one day, an unknown guy crossed paths with him. He was able to run at the same pace as Jet. He was really surprised to hear the other guy tell him that running at that speed was nothing. According to him, the real thrill was to ride AT's and really feel the wind...
Jet thought about his words for days. Could there be something better than rinnung? He had to find out. So he went to the local AT shop and found out that the guy he had met has the owner of the shop. When Jet told him about his decision, the man smiled and got him a bag of ATs, with all the instructions to learn how to ride, from under the counter and gave him a discount on the price. He also offered to help Jet learn how to ride AT's, but Jet refused. He didn't want to have his rival teach him... As such, Jet left the shop with the bag, promising the owner a race the next time they found each on the streets, to decide who was the fastest rider of all...
[ FEARS: ] Jet fears only death, the possibility that the girl he likes finding out that he likes her, and losing his ATs.

W H A T - D O - T H E Y - L O O K - L I K E - ?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[ HEIGHT: ] 173 cm
[ WEIGHT: ] 63 Kg
[ APPEARANCE: ] Jet is a thin, small boy. His eyes have a honey-brown color and his hair is blond in summer and light brown the rest of the year. He has a small beard of the same color.
His skin is of a brownish tanned tone. He has good muscles from all the sports and running he used to do.
He usually wears a t-shirt and a hoody shirt over it. He prefers shorts over trousers because they are much fresher and nicer to move around. He always uses the same shoes for everything (except riding). They look a lot like his ATs, due to his love for riding.
No matter what he wears, he always has a blue piece of clothing, since it's his favourite color and he thinks it improves his luck. When he goes for a ride on his ATs, he always wears a black leather jacket, a red shirt and a dark blue trousers besides his dark blue ATs.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
JMAOA, Jet's real name (James Mac Assirus Olive Air), was born to this world in a speeding car, in the middle of a typhoon. His mother had went to labour during dinner and has hurriedly pushed into the car by her husband, a science enthusiast.
The birth, however, was so fast that the car was only halfway to the hospital. Jet was meant to be born only two months later, which worried his father, who sped through the narrow streets in the middle of the pouring rain. In a particularly sharp turn, the car crashed into a building...
The father woke up to Jet's cries and grabbed him, pulling him from his crying wife's arms. The man took his baby son to the hospital, leaving his wife to die. Only his son and his dreams mattered, nothing else...
The doctors took care of Jet once they arrived at the hospital, coming back to his father ten minutes later to tell him that, though he was premature, Jet was a healthy young boy. The man cried with joy. His dream could still come true... One month later, he took Jet to a place where a rumored research was taking place.
Jet started crying once he set sight on the Throphaeum Tower. His father was so thrilled... his dream would finally come true: he would be part of the Gravity Children project and be the father of one of them. However, the scientists rejected Jet, since he was premature and this could bring problems during his growth and training.
With his dream crushed, Jet's father returned home with Jet, and, at that very night, he hung himself out the window, forsaking his baby son... Zoe, a young woman that happened to pass by, saw the dead man near the road and heard a baby crying inside the house and immediately ran towards the heavy wooden door. She was a gymnasium owner and personal trainer so it was preety easy for her to sprint all the way to the front and climb to the second floor's window, where the crying came from. She took the baby and got out of the house, and waited for the police to get there.
When the officers got there, Zoe asked them what to do with Jet but none of them gave her a satisfying answer, so she decided to keep him as her son. The policemen got Jet identification papers from inside the house and gave them to Zoe.
Zoe could barely believe. It was like god had sent her a new baby to replace the one she had miscarried... Though she wouldn't have the support of her ex-husband, since he had left her when their baby had been born dead, Zoe was determined to give herself and her new son a good life.
As he grew, Jay, Jet's new name, given by his new mother, tried his best not to ask much for new clothes or toys, since he knew Zoe wouldn't be able to afford them. He'd spend his time sleeping, playing with his friends or helping at her gym. Soon, he became atracted to sports and working out in the gymnasium during his free times. His body developed well in his youth, specially his legs. His stamina became monstruous too.
One day, returning home from school, Jay was surprised with a runner as good as himself. He had heard about AT storm riders, but the idea of becoming one had never really hit him until the man spoke of how great it was. For three whole days, Jay only thought about AT, what he knew about it and what the mysterious runner had said. On the fourth day, for the first time in his life, Jay asked Zoe for some money. She was surprised, but gave him quite a sum with a big smile and asked "Have you found what you really like?" and with a big grin, he answered that he finally did.
He raced to the local AT store and found out the mystery runner was its owner. Minutes later, Jay ran outside with his brand new ATs pressed against his chest. In a nearby hill, Jay trained whenever he could. In two weeks, he was ready to challenge the shop owner to a race.
Jay won the race by a big margin. Then the man said "You look like a jet plane!", which originated Jet's nickname. However, when the man asked if Jet wanted to have another race in the city, he replied that there were too many buildings to go around. The man laughed harder than Jay had ever seen anyone laugh. When he calmed down, he explained that ATs could take people anywhere, and that it was possible to cross obstacles like those by wall riding. This time, Jet, super embarrassed by what he had said, accepted the man's help in learning every aspect of AT riding apart from racing...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[ Air Trick Points ] (ATP) - 50
[ ACCELERATION ] - (+15)
[ FLEXIBILITY ] - (+2)
[ BRAKING ] - (+15)
[ CONTROL ] - (+4)
[ DURABILITY ] - (+10)
[ JUMP ] - (+4)

T R I C K - L I S T
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[ Inferno Slash ] - long range attack
[ DESCRIPTION: ] Jet accelerates by pushing an air barrier in the opposite direction and then brakes once he reaches his maximum speed and kicks a supersonic, blazing fang, due to the braking friction with his right leg. He then spins and kicks a wind blast towards his fang, accelerating it and increasing it's flames size and power, with his left leg.

[ Wind Wave ] - blocking utility move
[ DESCRIPTION: ] Jet pushes an air barrier towards his enemies, knocking them back and nullifing most ranged attacks. As a result, Jet is also blown back, with no control of his movementes until he stops. This allows Jet to nullify ranged attacks, push enemies back or to reposition himself to fight


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