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Gravity Children

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Gravity Children Empty Gravity Children

Post by JIN on Wed Jun 13, 2012 5:12 am

G R A V I T Y - C H I L D R E N
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Over the course of their research, the original designers of A·T realized that their technology could not be utilized fully by ordinary people. To overcome this problem, they created genetically modified children, raised under zero-gravity conditions, who used A·T from birth. These Gravity children eventually escaped from the Trophaeum Tower, and would integrate into normal human society

Products of the Gravity Children Project are physiologically different to the ordinary human being in several aspects, the most obvious of which is their cross-shaped pupil, or Twinkle Eye. They also possess two major modifications to their cerebral cortex known as the Solid Sense Type and Biomass Gyroscope. Collectively, these enhancements grant them superlative ability in riding A·T. This allows them to see 3d scales of their surroundings.
Several Gravity Children have commented that their bodies can take more pressure and are stronger than those of regular humans.

C A N - I - B E C O M E - A - G R A V I T Y - C H I L D ?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Yes. however the availability will open and close throughout time, featuring multiple generations.
We are only allowing 7 gravity children per generation.
Gravity Children applications are expected to be more developed then normal applications

Gravity children from the same generation automatically know each other, their histories are intertwined. Be sure to read the histories of other gravity children.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
A Gravity Child's history need to contain all of the listed events below (in order from what occurred first to last):

*NOTE: The options given can be written to fit into your characters personality for example if you choose that your mother died giving birth to you and your father had abandoned you, this could tie in with your character being a lot more independent.)

  • Birth - Your parents were are apart of the Gravity Child Project and volunteered to have you bio engineered whilst in the stages of birth. There are three options.

    1. Your mother survived the birth and in turn you will be given the choice to live with them in a later event.
    2. Your mother pasted away after giving birth to you. Your father continues to live out his life for you.
    3.Your mother passes away after giving birth to you and your father abandons you leaving to fend for yourself in later events.

  • Stolen Childhood - From the moment you were born they had experimented on you. From the moment you could walk they made you ride A-T's. Your childhood was only riding A-T's and being experimented on. The experiments were moderately painful but over time you grew immune to it resulting in a more focused or 'tunnel vision' mind. You were also confined inside of the Tropaheum Tower never to see the light of day even once.

    This part requires you to explain how your childhood in the Trophaeum Tower was. We look for detail so please don't forget that.

  • Zero Gravity Meeting - At a young age, all seven of the Gravity Children were pitted against each other. This was in order to see which were the successful experiments and which weren't. All seven experiments passed and were deemed as successful. This began the production of the 'second generation' of gravity children which was a failure.

    This part requires you to say that you have met and spent time with the others and that you have all fought each other. You and the other first generation gravity children are all acquainted.

  • ERROR 1:RED LIGHT// Gravity Child Project Breakout - After meeting the other gravity children you all agree to escape the Trophaeum Tower to feel the sun and interact with the real world. So with the use of your A-T's you all create a exit and escape. When you escape you realize you have nothing outside of the Trophaeum Tower and have three choices.

    The escape is explosive. The director of the program had found out that the Gravity Children program was going to be used for 'evil' uses so he planned on blowing a hole through one side of the tower in order to give the Gravity Children time to escape using their A-T's.

    1. (If you choose option 1 in 'Birth') You escape with your parents and begin a life outside of the Trophaeum Tower.
    2. (If you choose option 2 in 'Birth') You escape with your father and live a reasonably tough life, having to work a lot and support the both of you, most of your work relies on your knowledge and skill with the Air Treks.
    3. (If you choose option 3 in 'Birth') You escape and begin your life, either being adopted or living independently meaning you have to get a job and work hard to get a stable life.

  • Your own history - From here on out you create your own history taking reference to the 3 options you have chosen in 'ERROR 1:RED LIGHT// Gravity Child Project Breakout'. The age at which you have all escaped is 12+. The age of the Gravity Children now are 17+.
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